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Based in Glasgow, Purity has provided IT support, managed services and consultancy for over 15 years, to clients of varied size and industry across Scotland.

Why Choose Purity IT Support

We are easy to work with

Because we are normal people, who run a business too

We are flexible

Because we have to be, to fit with your schedule of working

We give a highly personal service

Because every business has its own way of working

We Provide a boutique service

Because we are an exclusive business offering customized service serving a sophisticated and specialised clientele

What Purity IT do...

We do things differently
Server installations Wireless Broadband installation CITRIX server installations Blackberry Server installations
Location & Telephony
Remote working solutions.
Co-location and Data Hosting services.
Voice Over IP telephone systems.
Mobile phone integration.
Consultancy & Training
Strategic Consultancy
Prince2 Project Management
System Security
Backup of Data
Data Recovery
Real-time proactive systems monitoring
Network and Security Audits
AntiSpam filtering
Hard Drive Data cleansing and destruction

Why you should consider Purity IT

We truly believe Purity are not just another IT Support Company.


  • Have no contractual tie-in, offering 30 day renewable contracts means that we have to deliver.
  • Employ a dedicated Account Development Manager who is solely responsible for ongoing care to our clients.
  • Provide corporate quality processes & procedures, providing excellent customer service via internal efficiency and productivity.
  • Offer guaranteed service levels of 4 hours – or more often than not, less.
  • Let you speak directly to helpdesk staff so there no need to wait in queues.
  • Don’t take sick days or holidays. We are always available 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • Fix over 90% of cases remotely meaning there is no need to wait on us coming out.
  • Give access to our system so that Clients can view open cases, log new ones and review the account and transactions.

Purity Services

When it feels you are struggling up that hill
In the event of an IT meltdown Purity’s rapid reaction team can guarantee clients a response time of four hours or less.
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Purity provides quality management services and support to ensure that all our clients enjoy the full benefits of their IT systems.
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Purity provides a professional consultancy service for companies looking to set up or develop their IT network.
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Purity provides a range of added value services to clients as we believe your success is our success.
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Our Valuable Clients


2 weeks ago
Man destroys computer

Don't do this - Call PurityIT today.

The angry man destroying the computer in the office...lol

3 weeks ago

Pepe the Purity puppy in the office 🐩
Hasn't chewed any cables yet!

3 weeks ago

We just added a new client for our spam and virus security. He had just spent the weekend unable to work due to a keyboard and mouse virus. You nerver know when you will be struck, much better to be ... See more

3 weeks ago

Have you ever wondered why it rain's?

When water on the Earth's surface is heated by the Sun, it evaporates and turns into water vapour which rises into the air. When the air cools it condenses ... See more

1 month ago

We work with many types of IT customers with unique needs and very different budget levels. We craft an IT plan and budget for each customer to help them get the best value and strategically select ... See more