What's hacking you off about your IT Support?

If your IT's well setup and you've got a decent IT company then hopefully this part of your business is all good.



That aside, your people are a good gauge. If your staff are moaning about their PCs, Laptops, their email or reponse times for getting things fixed, then your IT setup or your IT Support could be letting you down.





There's tons of us about, lots of IT Support companies to choose from, most of us offer similar services.  It can be really hard to decide.




We've been looking after businesses for 22 years now, have great client retention and one thing that helps is we're easy to work with. 

Don't be fooled, this is a two way street!  We're here to help your business, and to do that takes a partnership. 



Trust, conciencious and being here when you need us.  Businesses often think IT Support is some kind of insurance.  No, its not. 


It's your own IT Department at a fraction of the cost - a whole team of techies keeping up with the current trends and keeping your team and business safe.




Your problems won't fall down a black hole - everything is logged, and an OCD helpdesk manager makes sure all your tech support issues get completed on time.




Our aim is to setup your IT to be as perfect as you'll allow us within your budget. And then, no more drama, downtime or security scares for either your business or us.



We answer the phone when it rings, we talk to your team and we hate things that aren't fixed too.




Security security security, we're obsessed about it.  This takes up about 995 pieces of the jigsaw! The other 5 pieces we're onto as well ....check our other services that can help your business and team have better IT than your competitor!

Purity IT at a glance

IT Support.

An IT Department for your team. 

We’ve got our eye on you, at least on your IT systems. bCertain monitors everything round the clock and sees trouble before it’s trouble. 

365 Cloud SharePoint.

Servers in the office is so last year. Today data lives out there somewhere in your own private Cloud. Apps, storage, the lot. If you think that sounds great, wait ‘til we tell you we can build and migrate you in a few days.

Remote working solutions.

We’ll make your home office set-up runs just like your office set up. Fast, secure and supported. If you weren’t in fancy top half and joggy bottoms, you’d think you were in a cubicle on the tenth floor.

Cyber Security.

Things move fast these days. Emptying your Monzo account is a moment’s work for an experienced hacker. We keep the data in, the bad guys out, and the reputation intact.

Backups. Server Laptop PC.

If you’ve ever dropped a laptop, you’ll know why we backup everything to The Cloud, in real time. If you  haven’t, it’s so you always have an “undo” button for life’s “Oh shit” moments.

Email setup & Spamfiltering.

If your name’s not on the list, you can’t come in. We let nothing but VIPs into your inbox. Randoms, chancers, and the Prince who needs help getting $50 million out of the country? They’re all cooling off in “Spam”.



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