full of opportunity but with its fair share of bandits. That's where our cybersecurity steps in, not with a six-shooter, but something far more powerful: the best digital defenses. We're here to be your knight in shining armor, minus the horse and the clunky suit of armor, but with all the protection against those digital dragons known as hackers and malware.


Keeping the Bad Guys Out


Your business is like a digital castle. And just like any castle worth its salt needs solid walls, your business needs great cybersecurity to keep invaders at bay. We're here to build and maintain those walls.


Our Cybersecurity Toolkit

  • Strong Defenses - We set up barriers so tough cyber intruders would need a digital battering ram just to peek inside.
  • Smart Monitoring - Like having eyes in the back of your digital head, we watch over your systems 24/7, looking for anything fishy.
  • Quick Response - If something slips through the cracks, we’re on it faster than you can say "cyber scare." We patch up holes and kick out unwelcome guests before they can do any real damage.


What You Gain

  • Peaceful Nights - Sleep easy knowing your digital domain is under watch—no need to toss and turn over cyber threats.
  • Trusty Tech - When your systems are secure, you can use them to their full potential without worry. It’s like having a safety net as you walk the digital tightrope.
  • Education and Awareness - We don’t just protect; we teach. Knowing what to look for makes you and your team part of the defense squad.


Let's Secure Your Digital World

Ready to fortify your digital space? Reach out to us. 

With our cybersecurity services, you get more than protection; you get a partner in the digital age. 

Let’s keep your business safe together.




Security Services we provide for your business


EndPoint Detection EDR (the new Antivirus giving much much more, think of it like the jump in technology and user experience from DVD to Netflix). Insurance companies will often ask if you have EDR for Cyber Insurance and it's a question asked in the grading for Cyber Essentials Certification


Managed Detection & Response want to know hackers haven't got in to your 365 email, SharePoint or Onedrive. Our service will scan 24x7 to check hackers haven't got in unknown to you and will also check to ensure MFA (multi factor authentication) is on all your staff accounts.


Patch Management plugging any loopholes and gaps in your updates (which lots of people press snooze on!). This service pushes out secure patches automatically for PCs, Laptops, Servers, and some 3rd Party applications like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Adobe.


Our Spamfiltering and Advanced Threat Protection will keep out all the dangerous emails. All links and attachments are opened in a seperate and  secure area, this protects your organisation's network incase of malicious intent. If someone accidently opens a malicious attachment or link, it will be blocked from being opened.


Intune - Mobiles and Laptops are easily stolen or lost, with the fear of someone getting their hands on your company's or other sensitive data.  Intune from Microsoft is particularly useful for enhanced security for Laptops | Mobiles | Chrome books | 

Mobile devices are easily lost or stolen. This service gives us the ability to encrypt and wipe a device remotely should the worse happen.


If you're worried about security in your business, lets have a chat!


The internet is a bit like the Wild West

Over 90% of all security breaches start with an Email.


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