From bugs to hugs: Morphine, your IT systems' best companion in times of distress

Side effects : calmness, euphoria, pain free
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Something about playing Drs and nurses here?


this content below was written before headline/morphine idea - this stuff below probably belongs somewhere else


Don't hoard old stuff


Sandy's staff member takes a crappy old laptop out the cupboard, like the rice cooker at that back of yours you've never used. 


Like a sketch from Kevin Bridges 'hoose rice' but not nearly as funny as in 3 months time Sandy will find out the old crappy laptop was infected. It had no Antivirus and no MFA on his email .

Worse still it has sent emails out to all his clients whilst hacking into his system with a ransom of £30k. True story.


Leave making rice to the professionals !





Laptops have a dark side


The report that Rachel promised her client Friday has still not gone by Monday lunchtime.  

Rachel was working at home on Friday.  

Her horoscope didn't warn her the laptop would die - she doesn't remember only saving to the hard drive.  Roastings  from the client for both the big boss and Rachel.   


[note - we do full backup images of laptops. Shouldn't really be saving to C drive TBH but lets save that for another story]



More stories like above - cover things like wifi/servers/cyber security/staff having access to confidential data they shouldn't have







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