Is your Server now a piece of unwelcome scrap metal 

INot this particular photo but something to illustrate time to chuck the server

It is a bit of a shame, poor Server



it's served you well.  


It's taken a heavy load on it's shoulders, day in day out on average of 43,829 hours. Dishing out whatever data you ask for and stacking what data you gave it neatly in order.


It's had no days off, never seen the light of day stuck in an old cupboard. 

It eats electricity for food (and dust we've noticed), but it demands life insurance in terms of warranty and private health care to keep spinning.



If your server(s) is hinting at retiring, or you're contemplating a redundancy package, let's explore *Cloud options.


Bye bye Server 


- no more expensive hardware costs (accountants call it CapEx)

- no more eating your electricity 

- no more praying incase it throws a tantrum

- no more expensive backup costs [you are doing backups right? ]

- no more healthcare expenses in warranties and IT support costs

- Your data now resides securely in the Cloud (you now have OpEx !)

- Your team can access the data from anywhere in the world

- Bonus ; it all gets backed up on the Cloud too :-)


*Don't ignore the buzzwords you've heard - keep up or be left behind.

'Cloud'  'Azure'  'SharePoint'  '365'  'InTune'  



Want to ditch that bitch of a Server ?

We'll take it to the dump and move you to the Cloud 

DM me for a 15min chat



ps  our website left home a few weeks ago - we haven't been in contact since. Bit of a pain in the butt tbh.

New one about to be born any minute. Might be premature, might be late, but it'll be here pretty soon.

Its our 4th or 5th website baby - so there'll be no gushing.

It's not ideal but good for gossip -  WE ARE STILL HERE BTW ! 


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if there's still life in the old dog yet - and you're not ready to part with your Server(s), then you should have the ability to Reincarnate!


 [R = Twin/Clone/Duplicate/Repro/Carbon copy] 


No amount of hocus pocus will get you out the hellhole of a dead Server 

without R.



Cloud-cloned replica of your Server(s) - ready to spin up and save the day should the cupboard Server(s) throw in the towel. 


It's not rocketed into space - its virtual, it's not really up there, A bit like the Wizard of Oz - here but not quite, a bit like magic.










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