IT managed services and support for mid-sized professional services companies

The problem...

Life before Purity IT

Sam the salesman has forgotten his password for the third time this week. Mike in marketing is frantically rifling through the server looking for a week’s worth of work he forgot to back up. Amy in HR is turning the air blue trying to solve the mystery of why 5,000 client records have gone missing, and Dodgy Dave in accounts has brought the whole network down with a virus he caught in a steamy email he swears he never opened.

And just like that, Monday descends into chaos, and productivity goes out the window.

The solution...

Life after Purity IT...

There’s only so much we can do to stop folk doing daft things, so the madness will continue, but you won’t notice. That’s because our team of black belt, third dan, techies will handle it. They’ll sit quietly in the background, eagle-eyed, keeping things running smoothly.

We’ll do the supporting, monitoring, adjusting, cleaning, saving, securing and backing up, while you do the stuff you love. The inventing, the disrupting, and saving the world.

And when you need us, your own named support assistant is waiting on speed dial. And in a complete betrayal of techies everywhere, you’ll find them charming, talkative, and all round nice.

Purity IT at a glance

IT Support.

An IT Department for your team. 

We’ve got our eye on you, at least on your IT systems. bCertain monitors everything round the clock and sees trouble before it’s trouble. 

365 Cloud SharePoint.

Servers in the office is so last year. Today data lives out there somewhere in your own private Cloud. Apps, storage, the lot. If you think that sounds great, wait ‘til we tell you we can build and migrate you in a few days.

Remote working solutions.

We’ll make your home office set-up runs just like your office set up. Fast, secure and supported. If you weren’t in fancy top half and joggy bottoms, you’d think you were in a cubicle on the tenth floor.

Cyber Security.

Things move fast these days. Emptying your Monzo account is a moment’s work for an experienced hacker. We keep the data in, the bad guys out, and the reputation intact.

Backups. Server Laptop PC.

If you’ve ever dropped a laptop, you’ll know why we backup everything to The Cloud, in real time. If you  haven’t, it’s so you always have an “undo” button for life’s “Oh shit” moments.

Email setup & Spamfiltering.

If your name’s not on the list, you can’t come in. We let nothing but VIPs into your inbox. Randoms, chancers, and the Prince who needs help getting $50 million out of the country? They’re all cooling off in “Spam”.


About Purity IT

Whoever you are, if your IT becomes the story, something’s gone badly wrong.

Ask EasyJet what happens when the shit hits the fan. Or ask any of their nine million raging customers who had details of over two million credit cards swiped.

And it doesn’t have to become a national story to be bad news.

It could be a “we’ve had no Internet for two days” story.

Or a “someone’s overwritten a year of invoices and they’re not backed up” story.

Big or large, they’re horror stories, and they’re preventable.

Twenty three years ago, we worked for a big Corporate IT Department that kept that company out of the news. All very cosy, but we often wondered “Who’s keeping the small guys off the front pages”.

It turned out no-one was. So we did.

Twenty two years ago, we started with a kitchen table, a laptop, a headful of knowledge, and no clients. We pretty soon turned that into a cracking team, in an office, with a robust set up, serving Housing Associations, Law Firms, Training Companies and Accountancy Firms. 

We haven’t looked back.

Today we provide a full range of IT support services to small and medium sized companies the length and breadth of the country.

For less than the price of a round of Costa KitKat Mocha each morning, we'll turn your nagging doubts into a good night's sleep. So you spend less time strung out on coffee, more time in the Land of Nod, and your IT will never let you down. 

Win, win, win

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