Purity IT

At Purity we pride ourselves in being absolutely passionate and transparent about what we do.

IT Support and Consultancy services is a quickly evolving industry and now becoming a saturated market place – this gives you more choice but also makes it harder for you to choose the right IT company to support your business.

Purity delivers outsourced corporate IT solutions for the small and medium sized companies. The majority of the team have spent years working at corporate level delivering solutions within demanding and fast moving companies. We have now become the ‘IT Department’ for around 50 companies who range in size from 1 PC to 120 PCs and multiple UK sites.

Why consider outsourcing your IT to Purity?

Most small and medium sized companies can’t justify or afford to have 1 or 2 IT staff full time.

Outsource for less risk

you don’t have to take on the problems associated with employing staff – we offer 30 day renewable contracts which will NOT tie you in. We don’t go on holiday, we don’t go off sick, we don’t go home early and we won’t leave you taking our knowledge with us.

We understand 3 simple things

about delivering your IT solutions; - they should be standard, scalable and secure. We also know how to run your IT Department; - we know that it is equally important to have excellent Customer Service skills as well as technical skills, that operations behind the scenes is very important to ensure we arrive when we say we will plus we offer you Guaranteed Service Levels.

We know what you want out of your IT investment

return on your investment, a robust system and your staff to be working at all times.

• We are very proud at Purity to have an extremely high staff and client retention rate
• We are very proud at Purity to be able to resolve 90% of client problems using remote control   without the need for a site visit
• We are very proud and unique to be able to offer 30 day support contracts with no tie in
• We are very proud at Purity to be able offer unique backup software that has your business   up and running within 3 hours in the event of a Disaster
• We are very proud that our Project Managers are all Prince II qualified
• We are very proud to be working towards Investors in People